The Company

The Sight Sound Mill offers affordable start-to-finish digital production services. Whether you need advertising for your skills or business, or to capture compelling stories, we can meet your needs with a production that can be shared with the entire world or simply with those close to you.  The Sight Sound Mill's creative team offers copy writing; digital video taping and editing; musical scoring; recording soloists/ensembles; design graphics and websites.

From concept to completion the Mill is there.

About The Founder

Iris Gillispie, spent 24 years, from 1979 to 2003, working in Hollywood's film & television industry as a makeup, hair & special effects artist. Her photography was also untilized for the behind-the-scenes documentations of many productions. Most of her work was in LA and New York.  However, she had the opportunity to work throughout the United States and abroad. In addition she co-owned and operated, with Wendi Tolkin-San George, "Makeup Techniques," a California State approved, film and television makeup and effects school and lab located at Television Center in the heart of Hollywood, 6311 Romaine Street, Suite #7318, Hollywood, California. During her makeup career her production company The Sight Sound Mill evolved.

Photo by Randy Sweatt-2005

To view pictures and video from some of her past makeup and effects jobs, click below.

Founder's Los Angeles Professional History

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