Client List: Interviews
  • Daughter's of The American Revelution -
    For Historical Library in D.C.:

    1. "WWII Veterans Interview" - 1 1/2 Hour Interview/Documentary
      For Windows Media Player ~ For Quicktime.
  • "Dino & Martha De laurentis"
    Universal Studios, Los Angeles, California

    1. Interview regarding "Hannibal" the movie.
      For Windows Media Player.
      Interviewer:  Maristella Santambrogio
      Videographer:  Iris Gillispie
      Editor:  Monique Yamaguchi
      Also view movie at then
      click "Entra Nel Sito",
      top right click on "News From LA" and
      scroll down to the bottom of page and click on
      "Video Esclusiva Freedgitial".

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