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Title: "In Frame 2 Digital Photos - Simply Because"
Arthor: Iris Gillispie
Price: $24.95

In her photographic memoir, In Frame 2 Digital Photos "Simply Because", photographer Iris Gillispie has brought together a  collection of endearing moments that will elevate the heart from the distractions of the work-a-day life to where the beauty of living awaits to be rediscovered. Her life and the work that has arisen from it are full of vibrant landscapes, glowing seascapes, radiant floral portraits, candid urban explorations, and touching visual interpretations of nature that move from silent contemplations in black and white to deep abstractions of dancing color and she has brought all of this together on the pages of her debut collection of 175 images.

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Front Cover Subtitle Reads:

A photo collection of beauty, intimacy, and the words that connect us to them.

Back Cover Description Reads:

This book is for those who need a peaceful break in their day.

It's a portal to places of joy, reflection and relaxation.

Among these pages lie images captured by photographer Iris Gillispie that will transport you to the spaces between the distractions in our lives. The spaces where the beauty and intimacy of life waits to be rediscovered.

Book Details:

Paper Back Color Photo Book.
ISBN: 978-0-615-33618-3 (available at in Febr. 2010)
Book Size: 8.5" x 8.5" - Weight: .341 lbs. or 154.672 gm.
Total pages: 76
Total Images: 175


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